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  • The use of heating allows the operation of Sliding-1300/2100 drives at temperatures down to -60 °C.
  • The shaft drive kit includes instructions in Russian and a warranty card with individual markings.
  • Steps 1 through 4 must be performed within five seconds, in close proximity to the drive: 1. Press and hold the “2” button on the programmed remote control. 2. Without releasing the “2” button, press and hold the “1” button on the remote control. 3. Release the pressed buttons. 4. Press the programmed button on the remote control. 5. On the new control panel, select the button that will then control the operation of the drive and press it twice.
  • Balancing the boom of DoorHan barriers is carried out using balancing springs included in all barriers.
  • On the Swing-3000/5000PRO motorizations, the stopping of the gate in the extreme positions is adjusted using microswitches located on the motorization screw guide.
  • The integrated radio receiver allows you to register up to 60 remote controls in the ceiling dimmer.
  • Up to 1,000 remote controls can be stored in the DHRE-1 external radio receiver.
  • BR11 balance springs are marked in red and BR13 in blue.
  • Installation of additional stops is a prerequisite for installing variators.
  • In order to automate a free-standing gate, is there an automation mode for a single-leaf gate or gate available on the PCB-SW control unit?
  • The sliding drive control unit has a special AUTO CL regulator for adjusting the automatic gate closing time.
  • To unlock sectional doors from the outside, you must use an external LOCK release. The LOCK external trigger can be used with sectional drives.
  • Reverse gear is set after activation of the limit switch (TIMER W regulator). As a rule, this parameter is necessary when using a drive with massive gates with high inertia.
  • An “oil bath” helps to minimize friction losses, reduce wear on the surfaces of parts in contact with each other, as well as quickly cool parts and protect them from corrosive processes.
  • Marking of magnetic limit switches is necessary for their identification. The magnetic switch, marked with a blue triangle, is used for opening and a red circle for closing.
  • Use the transchain chain drive by installing the drive in a location suitable for installation.
  • During operation, the belt guide is significantly quieter than the chain guide and also stretches less.
  • For barriers with a rectangular boom, the design of the boom provides for the installation of additional accessories: a skirt kit, an articulated support and boom lighting.
  • Lifespan 10 years or 100,000 cycles. All drives have been tested in specially equipped test areas.
  • A special feature of the Sliding-1300/2100 drives is that the gearbox of these drives is made using “oil bath” technology.
  • The range of the SmartControl-2 WI-FI module is 50 m.
  • The DoorHan company offers a guarantee on gate automations for 36 months.
  • This ring is made of bronze, which reduces its wear and thus increases its lifespan. Plastic ones last much less.
  • The main criteria for choosing automations for swing gates are the width and maximum weight of the leaf.
  • For outward opening, ARM actuators are used, as well as Swing-5000PRO and Swing-4000 actuators when mounted on standard mounting brackets.