Personal data processing agreement

The list of personal data, for processing of which the consent is provided, is as follows: surname, name, patronymic name, place of stay (city, region), phone numbers, email, cookies, information on the user’s activity on the website, information about the user’s equipment, date and time of sessions.

I give my consent to the following activities with respect to all specified personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, update (correction, change), extraction, use, transmission, anonymization, blocking, destruction, transfer, including the cross-border transfer, as well as other operations performed on personal data within the law.

Personal data may be processed both with automation means and without them (non-automatic processing), and with the use of metric programs Yandex.Metrika, Google Analytics. When processing the personal data, Limited Liability Company DoorHan – Trading House may use any method of processing, provided that it ensures complete safety and security of the data obtained. In addition, the personal data processing is carried out in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which you can read here:

Hereby I acknowledge and agree, that in case of necessity Limited Liability Company DoorHan – Trading House is entitled to provide my personal data to third parties only for the purposes of rendering the services specified in this Agreement, and technical support, as well as for statistical, marketing and other scientific purposes (in anonymized form). These third parties have right to process the personal data on the basis of this consent.

This consent shall come into force from the moment I put «V» mark in the box to the left of the phrase “I accept the terms of “Data Processing Agreement” on the website:, and be valid until I revoke it by sending my signed statement to Limited Liability Company DoorHan – Trading. I may send it to Limited Liability Company DoorHan – Trading House by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, or deliver it by hand to a duly authorized representative of Limited Liability Company DoorHan – Trading House (against receipt).

In case Limited Liability Company DoorHan – Trading House receives my written statement on revoke of this consent to the personal data processing, the company shall stop processing them and exclude the data from the database, including the electronic database.

I understand that sending the feedback form on below the text of this Agreement, means my written consent to the terms and conditions set forth therein.

If you have any questions on the personal data processing, you may contact us using the following contact information: