DoorHan hangar doors offer the following advantages:

• when designing our hangar doors we consider intended wind, crane and snow loads
• compliance with fire safety regulations
• modern design and aesthetical appearance
• higher heat insulation properties
• door leaf resistance to heat transfer is higher than the hangar walling resistance
• a system of electric motors ensures reliable move and stop procedures for each movable leaf in line with the position designed
• special safety lockouts prevent door leaf moving if the pass door is opened
• emergency door opening through motor brake releasing
• door leaf perimeter sealing with easily replaceable fastenings
• short delivery times

We design and make hangar doors for aircraft maintenance facilities suitable to airplanes of any type, from wide-body airplanes to business-class airplanes. Our hangar doors can be installed anywhere with a doorway opening of major width and height being required.
We develop, fabricate, erect and provide after-sales services of hangar doors in conjunction with the Design and Structural Engineering Institute GIPRONIIAVIAPROM, which was founded in 1932.
The designer and the manufacturer work together to satisfy all customer’s needs.
A swift and efficient design, production, shipment and erection chain saves time and resources of our customers.

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